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NCB612FT2 6-Sided CNC Drilling Machine

Equipped with an advanced automatic tool change spindle and a C-axis for seamless tool transitions and 360° rotation for precise multidirectional side milling. The standard setup includes an adjustable angle head and a cross right-angle head, capable of intricate processing, high-definition drilling, and milling.

The cross right-angle head houses four easily interchangeable tools, all controlled by the C-axis for efficient 360° rotation and versatile milling. The adjustable angle head, ranging from 0° to 90° and equipped with a saw-blade tool, also utilizes the C-axis for precise grooving and invisible part slot processing.

Additionally, the machine excels in inclined Lamino slot processing and bevel shaping, showcasing its versatility and precision in demanding manufacturing environments.

Key features

  • Automatic tool change and 360°rotating tool for multi-directional side milling
  • Adjustable angle head cross right-angle head, can process a variety of invisible parts hole slots
  • Adjustable angle head: adjustable from 0° to 90°, equipped with a saw-blade tool
Feature Specification
  Model NCB612FT2
  Panel Size (Drilling + Grooving) Thickness: 10-60mm Width: 30 (groove 40)-1200mm Length: 200-3000mm
  Panel Size (Routing) Thickness: 12-50mm Width: 12-50mm Length: 65-1200mm
  Control System SYNTECH
  Max Speed (X/U/Y/Z) 135/75/30m/min
  Spindle Power Top: 5.5kw, Bottom: 3.5kw
  Max Rotation Speed 18000rpm
  Top Vertical Drill 18×9
  Top Horizontal Drill X direction: 3×2, Y direction: 2×2
  Lower Vertical Drill 9
  Rotation Speed 5000rpm
  Dust Collector Top φ200mm*2, Bottom φ125mm
  Total Power 26.83kw
  Overall Dimension 6150×3006×2325mm
  Net Weight 3850kg

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