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Load/Unload & Label Line version

NCG3718 CNC Nesting Machine

The Wood Tech NCG3718 Standalone FT CNC Machine and NCG3718E economy range includes sizing, drilling, grooving, shaping, and cuts a range of various panel sizes.

The machine is upgradeable to a complete label line version as well as a load/unload model. The compact design saves space and reduces labour requirements without compromising accuracy and efficiency. It seamlessly integrates with furniture design software for real-time data processing and the advanced Nesting software ensures controlled, efficient, and precise operations.

The NCG3718 has an easy-to-install one-piece pressure plate compatible with materials up to 3700 x 1800mm and the 12-slot automatic servo tool change magazine eliminates manual tool changes, ultimately saving time.


Description Specifications
Table Size 3700 x 1800 mm
Max Speed 80/80/20 m/min
Main Spindle Power 12kw HSK Air Cooled
Rotating Speed 1000 – 24000 RPM
Tool Change Positions 12
Vertical Drills 10
Vacuum Pump 2 x 305 m3
Dust Outlet

Ø 125 mm x 3

Ø 200 mm x 1

Dimensions 15343 x 4716 mm
Weight 7500 kg

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